New Star Wars Hunters Cinematic Trailer Introduces Eight New Characters

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A new trailer for Star Wars Hunters–the upcoming multiplayer action game from Zynga–has been released, showcasing eight of the game’s playable warriors for the first time.

The cinematic trailer introduces multiple playable characters in the middle of an intense battle. We first see Rieve, an adept lightsaber user and follower of the dark side, taking fire from a Mandalorian called Aran Tal. After a while a Wookiee called Grozz, A Rebel fighter named Zaina, and even some Jawas stacked under one hood all make an appearance on the battlefield.

In all eight characters are shown in the trailer, but we also get a look at the planet Vespaara hosting the battles, including a side view of the full arena map as well as a Hutt Ship hovering overhead. The game’s newly revamped website has a profile on all eight of these playable characters, as well as more information about the arena itself.

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