New Trailer For Josef Fares' It Takes Two Shows Off The Gameplay And Epic Fight Between Squirrels And Wasps

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A new trailer for Josef Fares’ new co-op game It Takes Two has arrived, showing off more of the gameplay and providing some new context and insight into the story.

It Takes Two follows the story of Cody and May, a couple who are struggling in their relationship and are seeking a divorce. Their child is upset by this, and through some magic, turns them into dolls that get sucked into a fantastical world they must explore. They are accompanied by a walking and talking book of love on their journey who helps them pick up the pieces of their relationship in a number of unusual ways.

Fares, who narrates the gameplay video, says the idea in It Takes Two is to marry the narrative and the gameplay. As an example, one level focuses on the theme of “attraction,” and in this mission, each player is provided with a piece of a magnet. The two must work together to solve puzzles and defeat enemies, and they can only do it together.

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