New Valheim Update Resolves World-Destroying Save Bug Issues, Full Patch Notes Outlined

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Valheim players can now log out normally without worrying about their character and/or world being corrupted as developer Iron Gate Studio released a new PC update that addresses the catastrophic save bug issues.

Prior to the new fix, CEO Richard Svensson tweeted in February 2021 of the “world-destroying bug,” urging players to back-up their data by ensuring its saved in the appropriate Valheim folder on the local hard drive. According to Svensson, the bug occurred when players exited the game by pressing ALT+F4, which prompted the erasure of entire characters and worlds.

With patch 0.155.7, however, the “unusual case of world corruption caused when shutting down” has been resolved. Players don’t have to divert to the roundabout methods to preserve save data–though it’s still recommended.

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