Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack: N64 And Genesis Games We Want To See

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The Nintendo Switch Online subscription service is getting a new tier, dubbed Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, and it includes access to a sizable selection of Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games. Presumably, like the NES and SNES offerings on NSO, more games will be rolled out over time, and there are several notable omissions from this initial batch that we want to see included with a future update. Below, we’ve picked some of our favorite missing Nintendo 64 and Genesis games, including ones that seem like surefire additions and a few that we’ll probably be waiting forever to see on the service.

Diddy Kong Racing (Nintendo 64)

Since it effectively kicked off the genre in the early ’90s, the Mario Kart series has been the king of kart racers. In fact, some may argue that no other kart racer can compare to Mario Kart. But those people are wrong, because Diddy Kong racing actually surpassed it–at least when compared to the Nintendo 64’s Mario Kart 64. With a more open layout, support for karts, hovercraft, and airplanes, and even a story to complete when not racing against friends, Diddy Kong Racing was a more complete and varied offering than Mario Kart 64. Developer Rare’s acquisition by Microsoft has probably killed any chance of another game–though you can play a DS version–but it’s a must-have addition to the Nintendo Switch Online lineup. — Gabe Gurwin, SEO Editor

WWF No Mercy (N64)

For my money, there was no better era for wrestling games than the N64 days, and the best of those games was WWF No Mercy. It expanded on the foundation established over previous beloved games like WCW/NWO Revenge and Wrestlemania 2000. With a more extensive create-a-character, a single-player Championship mode with branching storylines, a huge slate of match types and wrestlers, and matches that could take place in backstage areas, No Mercy was brimming with variety, making it a dream game for wrestling fans.

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