Original Mortal Kombat Actress Wants Her Stolen War Gods Helmet Back, Offers $250 Reward

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A former motion capture actress for multiple Midway games–including Sonya Blade in the original Mortal Kombat–has turned to social media to retrieve an item stolen 25 years ago.

Kerri Ann Hoskins recently posted a $250 reward for a helmet she wore while playing Vallah in the Nintendo 64 fighting game War Gods. According to Hoskins the helmet was stolen from the coat check at E3 1996, and she’s willing to pay to get it back.

“Vallah was the most laborious costume I had done for Midway,” Hoskins said in response to a request for comment from GameSpot. “For Vallah’s helmet, they actually casted my head for a perfect fit. The artist did an amazing job at sculpting out the features.”

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Source: Game Spot Mashup