Outriders Login Screen Bug Has A Boring Temporary Fix

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Outriders officially released today for consoles, Stadia, and PC, and some players are encountering a bug that leaves them stuck on the game’s login screen when they try to start it up. People Can Fly is investigating the issue, but a temporary fix will let you keep playing–provided that you’re willing to wait.

The issue occurs just as players are trying to sign into the game, hanging on a login screen instead of letting them play. The temporary fix to this? Just wait. Players who sat and waited for a few minutes were able to get it in, while someone else reported success by hitting the login button several times just before that screen appeared. One of our own here at GameSpot was able to get in by using the waiting method.

On PS5, you also appear to be able to get around the issue by using the activity cards on the system’s menu instead of entering the game the standard way. Selecting “resume chapter” prior to actually loading up Outriders will let you jump right in, avoiding the waiting time completely.

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Source: Game Spot Mashup