Overwatch Pachimarchi Challenge Celebrates Onion-Octopus Mascot With Cosmetic Bonuses

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Overwatch has begun a new seasonal event, the Pachimarchi Challenge, which celebrates the game’s very own adorable mascot with some in-game prizes. From now through March 22, you can play to earn a set of special cosmetics, including a new Roadhog epic skin.

Simply logging into the game during the event period will earn you six new sprays, but the big prizes come from racking up wins. Winning three games will net you a player icon, six games will get you a Junkrate emote, and nine games will grant you the grand prize: a Roadhog skin with Pachimari tattooed on his bulbous belly.

Pachimari is a fictional Japanese mascot character, an onion-octopus hybrid that appears in various spots around the Overwatch maps and in animated shorts. It’s a very odd thing to base an entire event around, but it’s hard to deny that the little critter is cute and probably pretty good sauteed.

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