Overwatch Update Boosts The Game To 120FPS, But Only On Xbox, Not PlayStation

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Blizzard has released a next-gen patch for its popular hero shooter Overwatch, but it’s only available on Xbox. The new enhancements on Xbox Series X|S include three different pre-sets that players can choose from based on their preferences around image quality, resolution, and frame rate.

If you choose “resolution,” Overwatch will output at up to 4K/60Hz on Xbox Series X and 1440p/60Hz on Xbox Series S. The “balanced” pre-set reaches 1440p/60Hz on Xbox Series X and 1080p/60Hz on Xbox Series S. Finally, the “framerate” option boosts the game to 120FPS, but at a cost for image quality and resolution. On Xbox Series X, it will be 1440p/120Hz and 1080p/120Hz on Xbox Series S.

Of course, you will need a TV that is capable of displaying 120Hz or variable refresh rate to see the full benefits of the “framerate” mode in particular.

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