Paramount+ To Launch Ad-Supported Tier Minus Live TV Access

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Paramount+ is getting a new, less-expensive subscription tier for those who aren’t already overwhelmed by the sheer number of streaming services. The new tier goes live on Monday, June 7.

If you subscribe to Paramount+ right now, you have two options. If you’re feeling premium, you can pay $10/month or $100/year to get access to the “Commercial Free” plan, which includes ad-free streaming and live television with limited commercial interruptions. If you don’t mind more ads, you can pay $6 per month or $60 per year for ad-supported streaming and the same live television access. Starting Monday, though, ViacomCBS is replacing that lower tier with a new option.

The $6 “Limited Commercials” plan will disappear, and a new $5 “Essential” plan will replace it. This plan keeps the same ad-supported streaming but drops the access to live television.

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