Persona Composer Shoji Meguro Is Leaving Atlus, But Don't Worry

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The Persona series has become quite beloved for numerous reasons, but chief among them is their original music. That makes news that longtime composer Shoji Meguro is leaving Atlus come as quite an unpleasant shock, though he doesn’t plan to leave Atlus’s future games behind entirely.

Meguro has revealed he left Atlus at the end of September to continue his work on indie games, which he’s been pursuing on the side over the last five years. In a message translated by Gematsu, he shared that he has been creating RPGs by himself during that period and will now work with a team from Japanese publisher Kodansha. His new project will be revealed during the Indie Live Expo 2021 Winter event on November 6, and you can get a peek at some screenshots in the tweet below.

Although this might come as troubling news to Persona fans, Meguro did offer some hope on that front. “However, I will continue to maintain a good relationship with Atlus,” he said. “While focusing on my own indie game development, I will continue to work with Atlus on game music, so I hope that those of you who were concerned about the sudden announcement will feel relieved.”

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