Playdate Preorders Open In July, First 21 Games And Accessories Revealed

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Preorders for the Playdate will officially open in July, with the console being priced at $179. An exact date next month will be revealed, with manufacturer Panic confirming that units will ship out later this year. The console itself has a unique gimmick of a hand crank for playing games, which can be used to fire a gun in Doom as an example. The hardware on which games are played is done through a black and white LCD screen and it has 4GB of internal storage.

A number of games will be available for order in July, as well as the handheld’s first accessory, the Playdate Stereo Dock. This add-on serves as a charging port for the console, and can also be used as a Bluetooth stereo speaker. It even comes with a pen that can be stored at the top of the dock. Panic has partnered with Poolsuite FM on this accessory, to provide users with an online radio station that features curated Soundcloud playlists from the past and present.

Playdate console and stereo speaker
Playdate console and stereo speaker

If you’re more interested in protecting your Playdate, a $29 protective case will also be available. For a quick $10 saving, you can also grab the PlayDate bundled with the case for $199.

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