PlayStation Plus Best Black Friday 2019 Deal: $36 For 12 Months Of PS Plus

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It’s finally here: Black Friday 2019 has begun, and there are definitely a lot of excellent PS4 console deals to grab while you can, but one deal both new buyers and longtime owners can get in on is for PlayStation Plus memberships. The subscription service lets you play multiplayer games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Destiny 2: Shadowkeep online, store all of your save data online so you can access it from any PS4, and grab two free games each month for as long as you’re a member. You also get bonus deals on the PlayStation Store all throughout the year, making it a pretty killer service overall.

A yearly subscription to PS Plus usually costs $60, but Black Friday 2019 has brought discounts on PlayStation Plus. The best deal we’ve seen so far is at Rakuten (via Antonline), where you can get a 12-month PS Plus membership for just $36 during Black Friday. The membership is initially discounted to $45, and you can use promo code BF20 to get an additional 20% off, dropping your price to $36. Please note this is a digital code that you’ll receive over email.

Best PlayStation Plus deal for Black Friday: $36 at Rakuten

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These aren’t as cheap as the Rakuten offer, but if that sells out, these are still deals worth taking advantage of. Ebay currently has 12-month subscription cards for $40. As they are physical cards, you’ll have to wait to redeem it until it arrives in the mail, but it comes with free shipping.

Sony’s official offer on PlayStation Plus for Black Friday 2019 is $45 for a yearly membership, so that’s the deal you’ll find at most major retailers. That’s still a 25% savings, so it’s worth tacking on another year to your subscription at this price.

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