PlayStation's Website No Longer Lets You See Trophies, Friends, Or Parties

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The ability to see your PlayStation social information and Trophies from a web browser is no more. Sony has officially shut down the web version of MyPlayStation–basically PlayStation’s social hub–and is instead telling people to use the PlayStation App or access their info through a console.

Since 2018, MyPlayStation was maintained as a separate site from the PlayStation storefront and homepage, and it provided players an opportunity to continue engaging with friends and checking their Trophies from a PC. However, it appears that Sony has decided that the MyPlayStation website isn’t worth maintaining any longer.

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There are a handful of features that are now only accessible through the mobile app or through a PlayStation console: Trophies, Friends, Parties, and any messaging functionality. You can still access basic profile information and your game library from the PlayStation website.

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