Pokemon Go April 2021 Field Research Tasks And Rewards

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April is officially underway, which means some new Field Research tasks and rewards are now live in Pokemon Go. In addition to the new rewards, Niantic is offering a new Research Breakthrough encounter this month. Each time you achieve a Research Breakthrough in April, you’ll earn a chance to catch a male Frillish.

To achieve a Research Breakthrough in the game, you’ll first need to earn seven stamps. You’ll get one stamp for the first Field Research task you complete each day, so you’ll need to complete tasks over at least seven days before you can catch Frillish. If you weren’t able to achieve a Research Breakthrough last month, any progress you made will carry over, which will reduce the number of stamps you need to earn this month.

Unlike Special Research, which is assigned by Professor Willow, Field Research tasks are typically distributed at PokeStops and Gyms. You’ll randomly receive one task from an overarching pool when you spin the Photo Disc, and the rewards for completing them may include Pokemon encounters or helpful items like berries and Poke Balls. You can see this month’s Field Research tasks and rewards list, as compiled by The Silph Road, below.

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