Pokemon Go Trading Distance Being Increased For January Community Day

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Pokemon Go‘s January Community Day takes place this Saturday, January 16. The featured Pokemon this time around is Machop, and Niantic is making it a little easier for players to evolve it during the event.

From January 15-18, Niantic is temporarily increasing the game’s trading distance to 40 km, allowing you to trade Pokemon with a friend from farther away than usual. This should help make it a bit easier to evolve Machoke into Machamp, as it’s one of a handful of Pokemon that can essentially evolve by trading, just as in the mainline games.

If you receive select Pokemon like the aforementioned Machoke in a trade, its Candy requirement to evolve will be completely removed, effectively allowing you to evolve it for free. Considering that it normally costs 100 Candy to evolve a three-stage Pokemon into its final form, this is a nice alternate means of evolving some monsters.

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