Pokemon Legends: Arceus Trailer Reveals New Group Of Noble Pokemon

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While Pokemon Legends: Arceus will likely center around the all-powerful legendary Pokemon in its name, the game will also pit players against “Noble” Pokemon. A new trailer for Pokemon Legends: Arceus revealed one of those Pokemon Nobles and the unusual way that players will fight them, along with some updates on how players can spend their time in Jubilife Village.

Noble Pokemon aren’t unique in the same way legendary Pokemon are. Rather, they’re larger, stronger versions of regular Pokemon that are revered in the area. Today’s trailer showed off just one of those Nobles, a new evolution of Scyther named Kleavor. Appropriately sporting axe heads instead of scythes, the Pokemon couldn’t be battled outright. Instead, the player will have to calm it down by chucking bags of forest balm at it before sending one of their own Pokemon out.

Once they’re done fighting off frenzying Pokemon, players will be able to kick back and relax in Jubilife Village, the game’s home base. Aside from crafting items, players can customize their trainer, take photos with their Pokemon, and organize their Pokemon in pastures, the game’s low-tech version of the Pokemon Storage System.

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