Pokemon Sword And Shield Shiny Grapploct Event Now Live Until June 27

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A new Max Raid event has begun in Pokemon Sword and Shield. This time, tentacled Pokemon are appearing more frequently in Max Raid dens in both games, including Shiny Grapploct. You’ll need to act quickly if you want to catch one, however, as the event only runs until June 27.

Throughout the event, you’ll be more likely to encounter Grapploct, Malamar, Octillery, and their pre-evolved forms in Max Raid dens across the Wild Area, Isle of Armor, and Crown Tundra. As previously mentioned, you’ll also have a chance to find Shiny Grapploct in five-star Max Raids. This variant will be much rarer, however, so you’ll need to be persistent and check Raids often if you’re hoping to catch one.

Some of the featured Pokemon in Sword and Shield's newest event
Some of the featured Pokemon in Sword and Shield’s newest event

The new Max Raid event runs until 4:59 PM PT / 7:59 PM ET / 11:59 PM UTC on Sunday, June 27, giving you only a few days to participate. Before the featured Pokemon can begin appearing in your game, you’ll first need to refresh your Max Raid dens. You can do so either by connecting the game online or by selecting Get the Wild Area News from the Mystery Gift menu.

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