Potential Halo Infinite Datamine Reveals Emblems, Weapon Charms, and Memes A-Plenty

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The release of a new beta test or demo often results in a wave of datamined content. Halo Infinite is no exception, as miners have potentially unearthed a treasure trove of content from Halo Infinite’s technical test over the weekend.

Reddit featured a thread of the supposed found content, revolving mostly around rewards like emblems, weapon charms, and special armor effects. Armor effects mined include a flaming helmet and a light-up mohawk, while some of the new weapon charms feature a strip of bacon, an Xbox Elite controller, and what looks like a Nerf dart.

While fiery helmets and charms made of food are great perks, the true meat of this leak comes from the emblems, which reference some of the internet’s greatest memes. One sees a Grunt with cartoon eyes surrounded by fire, a nod to the comic featuring the “this is fine” dog. Another features Master Chief in a suit and tie with his hands in front of him, posing like the History Channel “aliens” meme.

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