Prime Day: Save On Board Games Like Pandemic And Exploding Kittens

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Amazon Prime Day 2021 is here, and it includes a lot of hot deals on popular board games that can spice up your social gatherings without breaking the bank. These offerings include the deep tile-laying game Carcassonne, the bluffing game Skull, and the head-to-head trading game Jaipur.

Prime Day Board Game Deals

These deals also include games that take longer to play, such as the critically-acclaimed disease eradication game Pandemic Legacy, which changes after every session you play. There’s also Twilight Imperium, a space opera game with heavy strategic elements that uses a random board layout to ensure that every game is different.

If heavy games aren’t your thing, the party game Exploding Kittens supports up to 10 players for frenetic fun. Mysterium is a collaborative storytelling game that’s more about creating a spooky vibe than competing to win.

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