PS5-Exclusive Survival Shooter Abandoned Revealed In New Trailer

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A PS5-exclusive survival shooter called Abandoned has been revealed on the PlayStation Blog. Created by the Dutch developer Blue Box Game Studios, Abandoned is a cinematic survival first-person shooter with heavy horror elements, and a teaser trailer that accompanies its announcement shows it off.

Abandoned stars an amnesiac hero named Jason Longfield, who must escape from a mysterious forest, finding food and ammo to fight or sneak his way out. As the blog post reveals, Abandoned may be a first-person shooter, but it will focus more on hiding and aiming than run-and-gun gameplay. For example, if Jason is out of breath from sprinting, his aiming will suffer, and the firing rate on all the weapons in the game is slow compared to action-heavy shooters.

Abandoned will use the DualSense controller and the PS5’s support for 3D audio to create what Blue Box hopes will be an immersive experience. Though the trailer seems to run at a fairly low framerate, the blog post says that Abandoned will target 60fps and run at 4K. A gameplay video is coming soon.

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