PUBG Is Getting A New Map With Season 10

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is getting a new map named Haven when Season 10 launches later this month. It’ll be available for PC players on December 16 and console players on December 17.

Haven is a much smaller map when compared to PUBG’s other offerings. It’s designed for 32 players and is only one tile wide–a normal map is eight by eight tiles. The map is much denser than other maps, though. Its urban setting includes factories, coal yards, apartments, and other locations that give players a lot of places to find cover.

PUBG's new Haven map.
PUBG’s new Haven map.

In addition to the new map, Season 10 is bringing other features to the battle royale, including new enemy AI combatants. Soldiers that are part of the “The Pillar” faction now roam the map, complete with their own trucks and helicopters, looking for players to kill. Players can kill these bots to earn special gear, although they won’t be easy to take down.

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