PUBG Mobile Hits 2 Million Players With The Ban Pan

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The PUBG Mobile development team has been on a roll with its anti-cheat actions, as it has banned more than 2 million people over the course of a week. Dubbed the “Ban Pan,” the latest anti-cheating report for the game says that nearly a third of all banned players had modified their character model, while about 15% of players were using aim hacks.

The accounts banned as part of the mass action are permanently suspended from using the game. Other reasons for the bans include x-ray vision hacks, speed hacks, and hacks that modify an area of damage. All of them threaten to undermine the competitive nature of a game that game that has more than 50 million daily users. That means the banned total equals roughly 4% of the total daily number, though the game has been downloaded more than 600 million times to date.

PUBG Mobile’s success is even more crucial right now, as Fortnite is–at least temporarily–not available on iOS. That doesn’t mean the game faces no competition on the platform, as Call of Duty Mobile continues to get updates for standard multiplayer as well as battle royale content.

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