PUBG Update 10.3 Patch Notes: Choose Your Own Weapon Sounds

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PUBG’s Update 10.3 is now live on PC and consoles, and it brings a variety of small tweaks to the game. The biggest change comes in the form of a new weapon sound selections option, which allows players to choose between the original and remastered versions of certain weapons. Supported weapons include the M249, the M416, the Kar98k, and the SKS.

The patch also introduces various improvements to the Karakin map, particularly its indoor lighting, as well as fixing a number of bugs. Players who go AFK in the game’s training mode will be automatically kicked now, just like in the game’s Team Deathmatch mode. Certain emotes can now be used with your teammates in sync. The full patch notes are below.

PUBG Update 10.3 Patch Notes

Weapon Sound Select System

As previously introduced in last December’s Dev Letter, we’re happy to be implementing the Weapon Sound Select System. This feature allows players to select between the original and remastered versions of certain weapon sounds.

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