Rainbow Six Extraction Makes Your Operator Go MIA If You Leave A Match

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Rainbow Six Extraction has you pay a hefty toll if you decide to abandon your teammates in the middle of a match. Leaving your squad will make your operator literally go missing in action (MIA).

“In terms of players who choose to abandon a mission/match, you’ll be looking at a match forfeit and automatically have that operator be MIA,” Rainbow Six Extraction creative director Patrik Méthé told GameSpot. “All match progression will be lost as well. Players can also get temporary matchmaking bans if they frequently abandon matches.”

In Extraction, any of your operators that go MIA become unplayable. Usually that happens if your operator goes down during a mission, but apparently that also occurs if you willingly leave a match. Regardless of how your operator goes MIA, to get them back, you and your squad need to go and extract them, literally pulling them out of the alien force’s clutches.

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Source: Game Spot Mashup