Rainbow Six Extraction Players Can't Go "Guns Blazing" Says Director

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Rainbow Six Extraction, previously titled Rainbow Six Quarantine, will pit highly trained tactical soldiers against an invasive alien species. However, in an interview with The Loadout, game director Patrik Méthé said that players wouldn’t be able to go in “guns blazing,” like in other PvE co-op titles.

According to Méthé, one of the game’s core principles was that “guns are not enough” to win. “It means that in order to be successful, you’ll have to do proper recon, identify the threats and the opportunities, communicate with your teammates, use the right gadgets at the right time and, most importantly, evaluate when it’s time to move forward and when it’s time to extract,” Méthé continued.

Rainbow Six Siege players will feel familiar playing Rainbow Six Extraction. The two games are built around the same mechanics, with different operators having different abilities for example. However, instead of fighting other human operators, players will have to navigate increasingly dangerous areas filled with diverse and deadly alien predators. The experience, according to Méthé, will be “very different” in the ever-expanding field of co-op shooters.

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