Rainbow Six Siege Celebrates 5 Years With New Legacy Arcade Event

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To celebrate both the wintry holiday and Rainbow Six Siege‘s five-year anniversary, Ubisoft has rolled out a new limited-time mode for the tactical shooter on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. It’s called Legacy Arcade and it resets the game back to Year 1 of Rainbow Six Siege, replete with the original operators, maps, and loadouts.

Rainbow Six Siege’s original 20 operators, including Ash and Sledge, are the playable characters during this limited-time mode. Secondary gadgets, like the claymore, and items released after Year 1 of Rainbow Six Siege won’t be usable in Legacy Arcade. The same goes for weapons, but abilities and deployable shields will remain current.

Legacy Arcade will be available until January 5 on all platforms. It will be played on Casual Rules and its game mode is Plant Bomb, with Attack and Defense rotating at the end of every round. With it being a mode based on nostalgia for Rainbow Six Siege’s past, Legacy Arcade will be featured on maps like Hereford Base and House in their original Year 1 layouts.

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