Red Dead Online Gets More Solo Content With This Week's Update

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Red Dead Online has sorely been in need of some new content, and while this week’s update doesn’t introduce anything as big as the Blood Money update did this summer, it’s at least something. Starting today, players can participate in three new Telegram missions, although they’re not like any others that have been released so far. Of course, players can also just make more money this week by trading in either furs or moonshine.

This week’s Red Dead Online update was announced via the Rockstar Newswire, but the most important details can be found below.

Hardcore solo missions

Red Dead Online's new telegram missions turn up the difficulty
Red Dead Online’s new telegram missions turn up the difficulty

The three telegram missions introduced in this week’s Red Dead Online update aren’t just brand-new; they’re potentially some of the game’s hardest content. Players that take on any of these hardcore telegram missions won’t be able to see enemies on their minimap and won’t have any aim assist.

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