Returnal Doesn't Let You Save And Wants You To Die–And That's Just How It Should Be

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A lot of the pre-release discussion about Returnal has focused on how tough it is. Here’s the thing, though: You’re supposed to die in Returnal. You should probably die more.

Developer Housemarque is known for its difficult, intense bullet-hell arcade games, and it brings those sensibilities to a third-person shooter that can definitely ratchet up the difficulty at times. That combines with the game’s roguelike nature, where every time you start playing, you’ll face a different, randomized map of rooms and start with the bare minimum of equipment. Some upgrades you’ll earn are permanent, but many are lost whenever you die, forcing you to build up the power to survive on the alien world of Atropos anew.

That’s caused some critics and players to complain that Returnal is too punishing–some of the popular consensus is that you’ll have to really step up your shooter skills to hang with it.

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