Ridley Scott Says Gladiator 2 Is Happening, For Some Reason

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Ridley Scott knows how to make a movie, but apparently, he never learned how to stop making movies. The iconic director just released one period piece, is working on another, and is already preparing to return to yet a third–Gladiator 2 will soon be ‘ready to go,’ the filmmaker told Empire.

With the way Gladiator ended, you might be wondering what else Scott has to say about ancient Rome. If you are, you’ll be happy to know he claims a script for a sequel is in the works. 14th-century epic The Last Duel hits theaters later this month, and Scott is currently working on Kitbag, which places Gladiator and Joker star Joaquin Phoenix in the shoes of French military dictator Napoleon Bonaparte. Of course, that’s not stopping him of thinking about what comes after that.

“I’m already having [the next] Gladiator written now,” Scott told Empire. “So when I’ve done Napoleon, Gladiator will be ready to go.” There’s no word yet on what the movie will be about or who will star in it–we’re going to guess Russell Crowe probably won’t be in the movie, given that his character was dead at the very end of the first Gladiator.

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