Robotech Collector's Edition Is Filled With Gorgeous Art And Cool Collectibles

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Robottech Collector’s Edition

The classic anime series Robotech got an HD remaster this year. Funimation put out the new edition on its streaming service. However, to really celebrate this remaster, Funimation has worked alongside Harmony Gold to not only deliver these Robotech episodes on Blu-ray, but do so in one of the coolest Collector’s Editions we’ve seen in quite some time.

Going on sale on September 28, this giant set will retailer for $250, and you can buy it here. Here’s a general description of what this Collector’s Edition contains.

  • All 85 episodes of Robotech
  • 7 hours of special features
  • 4 Robotech patches
  • Roy Fokker figure
  • Vf-1s transforming figure

Of course, all of this is contained with some beautiful packaging. So let’s take a closer look at everything contained within the Robotech Collector’s Edition.

More pretty artwork

The main box for the set is covered in artwork, and one key theme within the art is the way each piece finishes on the borders, in this chaotic way that looks like canvas that would normally be covered by a frame.

The Blu-rays

Again, the art is beautiful here. Here’s the case that the Blu-rays sit in as a collection–which is the same height and depth as the rest of your Blu-ray collection.

Three-part set

Here are the individual parts for the set. Below, you’ll find details for what’s on each part in the series.

Part 1: The Macross Saga

  • Episodes 1-36 (with digital codes)
  • Opening and ending songs
  • Rare promotional reels
  • Macross original pilot (Extended version)
  • Photo galleries

Part 2: The Masters Saga

  • Episodes 37-60 (with digital codes)
  • Music videos
  • Over 60 minutes of deleted scenes
  • Robotech: The Inside Story documentary
  • Galaxy of the Stars Harmony Gold Promo Reel
  • Appendix featuring bios, galleries, art, and more

Part 3: The New Generation

  • Episodes 61-85 (with digital codes)
  • Robotech overview
  • MOSPEADA original pilot
  • Toy commercial and video game reels
  • International clips
  • Prototype toy presentation


Here are the four patches within the Collector’s Edition. They come in their own box with some cool artwork on it. The designs are great, and they are pretty high quality patches. Here’s what you’re getting.

  • Skull Squadron
  • Robotech Defense Force United Earth Government
  • I Want You For The U.N. Spacy
  • Robotech

Roy Fokker

Here’s the Roy Fokker figure. He has a little stand. The figure is fine, but it feels a little frail.

Roy Fokker comes with a helmet

It wouldn’t be a Robotech toy unless the pilot had a helmet–one which the character’s hair pops out of the helmet. The style of the figure looks exceptionally cool and a good physical representation of that character’s art style from the series, but as we said before, it’s a bit frail.

VF-1S Veritech Fighter

The prize piece from the Collector’s Edition is Roy’s veritech fighter, which is 1/100 scale. The paint job is exceptional on it, and here’s what it looks like in Battloid mode.

VF-1S Gerwalk Mode

Also called Guardian Mode, the stand holds up the robot well.

VF-1S Fighter Mode

This was the toughest mode to transform, and the biggest bummer was that there wasn’t a mini-Roy to put into the cockpit–which comes with the set. Overall, it’s still an excellent collectible to come with this entire set.

Once again, if you want to order the Collector’s Edition, you can do so right now at Funimation. The HD version of the series can also be streamed there as well. The individual parts in this collection are available for purchase or will be so in the near future. Part 1 is on sale now for $53. On November 16, Part 2 will be on sale for $53–you can preorder now. On December 14, Part 3 will be on sale for $70–you can preorder now. All of these Blu-rays will also have digital codes as well.

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