Sable Guide: How To Get The Merchant Mask

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In Sable, you can forge a mask by tracking down three copies of the same badge. The Merchant Mask–a sandy gold face covering with four red dots–can be built this way and you can do it fairly early on in the game if you know where to look for the components. As is the case for many quests in the game, to get the Merchant Mask, you will need to head to Eccria and speak to Merchant Iria, a terse businesswoman who presides over trade in the city.

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If this is your first time going to the desert settlement, you can reach Eccria by heading west from Burnt Oak Station. You should see tall rocks to the north and south, and a lake to the north. Once you reach the city, you will find that the power is out. Follow the “Heartbreak in the City” quest until you restore the power, then return to this guide.

Now that the power is back on, you can find Merchant Iria holed up in an office toward the center of the town, at the end of a narrow hallway. But in order to reach her, you will need to pay off Yannis, a bulky guard in armor who is watching the door. This particular bouncer has a taste for pomegranates and you can purchase one from Serai Merchant Josh at the open-air market located beneath the bridge that leads into Eccria from the south. (You may need to get closer to Josh than you think to speak to him. Unfortunately for Josh’s other customers, we had to climb up on top of his fruit display to get the dialogue prompt to work).

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