Sea Of Thieves' Pirates Of The Caribean Expansion Makes It A Lot Less Painful To Play Alone

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The biggest draw of A Pirate’s Life, the new expansion content for Sea of Thieves, might be Captain Jack Sparrow and the many other Pirates of the Caribbean characters now a part of the live game’s world. But while it’s nice to delve into the crossover content to see nods to both Disney’s films and its theme park attractions, the story and Easter eggs aren’t the reason you should check out A Pirate’s Life. What the new expansion really excels at is giving new pirates and lone scallawags a new, low-stakes way to engage with Sea of Thieves without the threat of getting riddled with enemy cannonballs and losing hours of progress.

A Pirate’s Life launched as a free expansion to Sea of Thieves this week, and while it makes a few changes to the game at large, it mostly consists of five new “Tall Tales” that specifically concern Pirates of the Caribbean mainstays Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones, Captain Barbosa, and others. These stories take you on a journey to uncover what’s brought Captain Jack to the Sea of Thieves, sending you to some new locations that haven’t been part of the game before.

These aren’t the only Tall Tales in the game–there are quite a few others that take you on lengthy voyages all over Sea of Thieves–but the story chapters in A Pirate’s Life (or at least the first three, as that’s all I’ve completed so far) are a bit of a different speed than the rest of the game. They represent a pretty solid on-ramp into Rare’s excellent swashbuckling adventure game if you’ve never played it. They’re also fun to take on alone, filling a gap in Sea of Thieves content that’s been there throughout the game’s life.

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