Shazam 2 Teaser Shows Off New Suit, But Someone Forgot To Turn The Lights On

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Shazam 2 director David Sandberg has released a teaser for the upcoming sequel as footage from the shoot has emerged online. The official teaser shows a variety of close-up shots of Zachary Levi’s Shazam costume, but it’s all very dark footage.

At the end, he says, “Why is it so dark? Probably would have been a good idea to have, like, one light on.” Sandberg captioned the video, “Coming soon…ish,” so it appears whatever this is teasing will be shown off in a more extended and official capacity sometime soon.

The suit in the video appears to be new, or at least it has some elements that are new. This tallies with leaked video from the set that also appears to show a new suit. You can see that footage in the video below, which was shared by a user on Reddit.

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