Smuggler’s Run is now available in GTA Online – Is it the Year 2000?

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Ever wanted to run like a smuggler? Well…uh… now you can with the latest update to GTA Online – Smuggler’s Run.

The update includes customisable Hangar properties, complete with complimentary Cuban 800, optional living quarters, aircraft custom workshop, office, show floor and aircraft storage.

There are seven new aircraft in the update including the Buckingham Alpha-Z1, Mammoth Tula, and the LF-22 Starling. Each aircraft can be stored in your private Hangar, and customised using a range of options including engine and handling upgrades, countermeasures, liveries, weapons, bombs and more with the investment in an Aircraft Workshop.

Along with the new vehicles there is a new adversary mode called Motor Wars which is a blend of Drop Zone and Penned In. The mode sees up to four teams parachute into a periodically shrinking kill box littered with a lethal assortment of gun, explosives and vehicles. Work together, find a vehicle and fight opposing teams on the shrinking map to survive and win.

You can also get your hands on two new cars, the Vapid Retinue and Grotti Visione as well as some fancy new clothes to really flesh out the smuggler lifestyle.

Source: God is Geek