Sonic Mania Is Coming To Origin Access Premiere

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If you’re an Origin Access Premiere subscriber, Sonic Mania is now at your fingertips. EA and Sega have announced a new partnership where some of the latter publisher’s games will come to EA’s Origin storefront, including Sonic Mania, Two Point Hospital, and Endless Legend.

As with many of the newest games on Origin, Sonic Mania is now free for Origin Access Premiere subscribers, which is the higher tier of EA’s subscription program. Two Point Hospital will come to the service later this summer, and Endless Legend will arrive later this year. Both games will be available for Premiere subscribers when they launch.

The Origin Access Basic tier is $5 a month, which comes with access to over 250 games, a 10% discount for the Origin Store, and access to trials for upcoming EA titles. The $15 Origin Access Premier tier includes the same perks, but with access to an even bigger array of games, including newly released EA titles, DLC, and expansions.

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