Stonefly's Music Might Be Its Best Part, Says Creative Director

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Stonefly is the next game from developer Flight School Studio and publisher MWM Interactive, seeing a young inventor set out into the world to recover her father’s lost mech. Everyone in this world is incredibly small in size, so they pilot mechs to protect themselves from the much larger insects. It looks like such an intriguing story, one that’s partially told via the game’s music.

Ahead of Stonefly’s release I sat down for two interviews–one over video chat and the other via email–with creative director Adam Volker, game designer Mel Ramsden, and game designer and programmer Bohdon Sayre. I asked them about Stonefly’s music and how it ties into the game’s storytelling, as well as the making of protagonist Annika Stonefly.

“I honestly think the music might be the best part of the whole experience,” Volker told me. “I’m so excited for people to hear this game. Characters don’t have themes. We decided to build the music around the places Annika visited and the emotional beats of the plot of the story. You hear more about Annika in the music than any of the characters but it’s more about what she’s feeling–when she’s in Woodruff, it’s homey, it’s familiar, it’s warm. When she’s in the Marshes, she is the furthest from home she’s ever been, so the music is darker, it’s scarier, it’s ambient. The musical journey is mostly from Ann’s point of view.”

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