Super Smash Bros. Melee Mod Slippi Now Supports Doubles Play Thanks To Latest Update

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Get ready to see more Wombo Combos thanks to the latest update for Slippi, the online Super Smash Bros. Melee mod. Slippi version 2.3.0 has added support for a crucial part of Melee that has been missing since in-person tournaments ceased due to the Covid-19 pandemic: doubles.

Doubles in Slippi won’t work the same way as regular matches in the mod. Those looking to play doubles matches won’t be able to simply search for a game against two other players. Instead, all four players will have to connect to each other directly.

While this isn’t ideal for the everyday online Melee player, it makes a world of difference in the game’s competitive scene. Doubles Melee is a staple at any major tournament for the game. Likewise, the top doubles players are also often different from the top singles players. Basically, doubles is an entirely different kind of Melee, and it can now be played online as if all four players were sitting next to each other at the same setup.

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