The best and worst of the Star Wars Battlefront beta so far

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One day through and how are people feeling about the Star Wars Battlefront beta? I’ve been having a great time, including a bizarrely fortunate three runs in row as Luke. The gunplay’s strong and it looks great. By the far most common criticism so far is that it’s to hard to win Walker Assault as a Rebel. I honestly can’t remember if that’s the case because if I’m truthful I’m just enjoying the basic thrill of running around. Winning or losing hasn’t really figured in that yet.

So, yeah, maybe a few technical issues, but then that’s what beta’s are for. The real win for Battlefront are moments like this that capture the essence of the films so beautifully:

Even this example of Stormtrooper accuracy, while less impressive, is at least 100% true to the movie (and, to be fair, the wave one soldiers are exceptionally ‘special’).

Battlefront may not play like DICE’s Battlefield but it still has the ability to create ridiculous displays of skill (read: luck), as this shot demonstrates.

Although, just like Battlefield, there’s always going to be someone that lowers the tone (which displeases Lord Vader greatly):

One odd theme that seems to be emerging is Vadar’s tendency to be splatted on the hood of any passing ship. Possibly due to being the only man dressed head to toe in black in a field of white snow.