The Joker's Snyder Cut Scene Is Very Different In Justice League's Black And White Version

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Last month before The Snyder Cut hit HBO Max, director Zack Snyder talked about the existence of an alternate scene featuring Jared Leto’s Joker in a separate black-and-white cut of the film. On Friday, Snyder posted the scene with Ben Affleck’s Batman talking to the Joker, with the Joker explaining that “we live in a society where honor is a distant memory.”

In the final Snyder Cut trailer, the Internet exploded over Joker’s line about society, but it was cut from the initial release. Now we see that line has been restored here in the black-and-white version known as Justice Is Gray.

The scene shows Batman threatening the Joker and telling the Clown Prince about Harley dying in his arms. Unphased by that, Joker simply asks Bruce who he thinks screamed the loudest: “the boy or the girl?” Batman walks away while Joker’s laughter fills the air.

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