The Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 7: 15 Easter Eggs And References In 'Chapter 15: The Believer'

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The end of The Mandalorian Season 2 is close. There’s just one more episode, with many loose ends to tie up. After all, if Mando and Baby Yoda–we refuse to call him Grogu–aren’t reunited, the next year of waiting is going to be rough.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Chapter 15 of The Mandalorian, “The Believer.” If you haven’t watched the episode, walk away now and come back when you’re done.

In the penultimate Season 2 episode, “The Believer,” there were plenty of Easter eggs and references to a number of things throughout the Star Wars universe–and even a strangely entertaining nod to something very far outside of this franchise. You can take a look at everything we found in the episode below, then sound off in the comments with what we missed.

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1. TIE fighter junkyard

Where’s the New Republic going to put its prisoners to work? In a TIE fighter scrapyard, of course. Who better to sort through the destroyed remnants of the Empire?

2. Another crane AT-AT

At the scrapyard, we see another AT-AT turned into a crane, like we first saw in Chapter 11. In that episode, one pulled the Razor Crest out of the water on the planet Trask.

3. Boba Fett got an armor refresh

Someone got a paint job! After getting his armor back last week, Boba Fett emerged in this episode with a brand new coat of paint, looking good as new.

4. Morak

Although Morak is the name of the forest planet in this episode, It’s also the name of a creature from the planet Irudiru. Moraks appeared in the novel Aftermath: Life Debt.

5. Rhydonium refinery

Morak houses a rhydonium refinery. Rhydonium is a volatile starship fuel that can be scraped up or salvaged. It has appeared in The Clone Wars and Rebels. In Rebels, Sabine Wren referred to rhydonium as one of her “oldest and most explosive friends”.

6. ISB

The ISB is the Imperial Security Bureau. It’s an intelligence agency of the Empire that deals with internal state security and enforcing loyalty to the Empire. While it has been mentioned throughout the franchise, the ISB was heavily featured in Rebels.

7. Bad news about Mandalore and Alderaan

Mayfeld comments that neither Mandalore nor Alderaan exist anymore. As we all know from A New Hope, Alderaan exploded. While Mandalore the planet still exists, it doesn’t have the power it once had, and is no longer ruled by the Mandalorians.

8. So many thermal detonators

Those space pirates sure do love thermal detonators. There were a shocking number of them armed in an attempt to blow up the rhydonium truck. There were so many, it makes you wonder if Disneyland was looking for a way to get rid of the Diet Coke and Sprite it can’t sell with the theme park closed.

9. The annual Mando showing of the face

Does Pedro Pascal have it in his contract that he gets to show off his face once per season? He removed his helmet in this episode, for considerably longer than he did in Season 1. Thankfully, Mayfield promised never to tell anyone that he saw his face, so his Mandalorian pride is still intact or whatever.

10. A nod to Office Space

When trying to explain to the Imperial officer why they had to leave, Mayfield says he and Mando had to file the TPS reports, which is clearly a shout out to Office Space. In the movie, the TPS report was mentioned throughout and was a quality assurance report.

11. Operation: Cinder

Mayfield says he was part of Operation Cinder on the planet Burnin Konn. This mission was actually featured in the video game Star Wars: Battlefront II. That’s not its first appearance, though. Operation: Cinder was referenced in the second issue of the Star Wars: Shattered Empire miniseries in 2015.

12. Shoretroopers

At the Imperial mess hall, we see Mando and Mayfeld face off with some coastal defender troopers, aka Shoretroopers. They are trained for combat in tropical environments. You probably recognize them from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, where they patrolled beaches on the planet Scarif.

13. Hand me that Cycler rifle

Mayfield spent much of the episode proving he’s not such a bad guy, but his parting shot with the Cycler Rifle put a nice exclamation on his evolution. Cycler Rifles were most notably used by Tusken Raiders and were first seen in A New Hope.

14. Seismic Charge

In one of the most satisfying scenes this episode, Boba Fett releases a seismic charge from Slave I. Seismic charges draw sound in from their surrounding vicinity and explode in concussive waves of blue light, causing everything in their wake to shatter. In Attack of the Clones, Jango Fett released a few seismic charges from Slave I in an attempt to kill Obi-Wan Kenobi in an asteroid field near Geonosis.

15. Take that, Moff Gideon

In his hologram message to Moff Gideon, Mando simply sends him a recording of the same message Gideon sent him in Chapter 7. “You may think you have some idea what you are in possession of, but you do not,” he tells his nemesis.

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