This Samson USB Microphone Does Nearly Everything, And It's Just $99 Today

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If you’ve been looking for a microphone that can really do it all, then it’s likely you’ve come across Samson’s G-Track Pro. Not only is it a condenser microphone with the flexibility of a USB connection, it’s also an all-in-one mixer that lets you experiment with different pick-up patterns and mix that directly with an instrument input. The best part though? It’s only $99 today at B&H for today.

The beauty of the G-Track Pro is its flexibility outside of just being a traditional microphone. On the back, the microphone has an AUX port for zero-latency monitoring as well as a line-in for any instruments you might want to mix into vocal recordings. The microphone also lets you adjust levels for each individual input, acting as a super portable, all-in-one mixing solution that you can use with guitars, keyboards, and more.

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