Totally Real (Read: Absolutely Fake) Animal Crossing: New Horizons Game Is On The Microsoft PC Store

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the biggest Nintendo Switch games in recent years, but as with any exclusive, there are people out there who try and take advantage of folks who don’t necessarily know about the exclusivity. A fake New Horizons title is currently being sold on the Microsoft PC storefront, and it’s not even trying to be a clone–it’s just a straight-up rip-off.

Surfaced by Nintendeal on Twitter, the Microsoft Store New Horizons game is going for just $3 right now, but we cannot recommend highly enough that you do not purchase it. First, it’s almost certainly a copyright infringement on Nintendo’s property; second, if the screenshots are anything to be believed, the gameplay doesn’t resemble Animal Crossing in the slightest. If anything, it looks like a clone of the 2014 hit mobile game Crossy Road.

Microsoft Store listing for the fake Animal Crossing game.
Microsoft Store listing for the fake Animal Crossing game.

A search on the Microsoft Store shows that this isn’t the first time that this studio has attempted to steal imagery from other games in its marketing. There’s also a title called Craft Imposter Among that–you guessed it–uses knock-off Among Us-esque art. It, too, isn’t anything like Among Us.

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