Transformers Rise Of The Beasts: Everything We Know About The Next Transformers Movie

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Are you ready for a new Transformers movie? Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is in production now and thanks to a special media event, we know quite a bit about what to expect from the 7th film in the franchise.

If you’re a longtime fan, the title should be a good hint at what’s to come. Rise of the Beasts will introduce Transformers: Beast Wars lore into the live-action films for the first time–meaning there will be robots that transform into animals instead of vehicles. For those that don’t closely follow the various animated incarnations of the property, that shouldn’t seem like too much of a logical leap. After all, we’ve already seen Dinobots in the films.

You won’t get the chance to watch Transformers: Rise of the Beasts until 2022, but to get you properly excited for what’s to come, take a look below at everything we know so far about the film.

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