Twelve Minutes Gets A "Film" Poster

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Twelve Minutes, the upcoming interactive thriller about a man stuck in a time loop published by Annapurna Interactive, got an official “film” poster. Shared on the Twelve Minutes Website, the poster was designed by Mocean and was inspired by the films that influenced the game’s director Luis Antonio.

“As you might know, I’m a pretty big movie fan and Twelve Minutes has been inspired by the work of the masters that crystallized the psychological thriller genre. Hitchcock, Kubrick, and Fincher to name a few,” Antonio said. “These creators have a way of wielding the visual language to tell stories on several different levels. With their movies, the composition and mise en scene have as important of a rule in revealing story and character as the words that are coming out of the actors’ mouths.”

Twelve Minutes stars several major Hollywood actors
Twelve Minutes stars several major Hollywood actors

Antonio went on to say that he wanted Twelve Minutes to have a marketing campaign that felt in line with films of that genre. He said that the poster was designed to fit with the narratives and themes of the game as well as be cool enough to hang on your wall.

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