Twitch Rule Changes Take Aim At Hate Speech, Sexual Harassment

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Streaming platform Twitch has issued a significant update to its harassment and hateful conduct policies, adding new rules regarding hate speech and sexual harassment. The changes, on the whole, seem aimed at stamping out conduct that is not necessarily malicious, but that may have a negative impact on streamers, other viewers, or the community as a whole.

More specifically, the policy changes include bans on claiming that a victim of a violent tragedy is lying, encouraging DDoS attacks, certain hateful emoji, and the Confederate flag. The policy changes also bar unwelcome comments on someone’s physical appearance or making sexual/lewd comments. The policy notes that this change does not include an exemption for public figures.

“Words and actions have meaning and impact, even if your intent is not meant to be hurtful or cause harm,” Twitch wrote in a blog post. “And even if the target of your behavior or comments isn’t bothered by them, others in the community may nevertheless feel impacted by it. Under the new policy, our Safety team will look at the content of statements or actions in order to determine whether a behavior is abusive and violates our guidelines, rather than relying solely on perceived intent.”

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