Twitch Security Breach: User Login And Payment Info Not Leaked, Twitch Says

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Twitch announced that the latest data breach did not leak users’ login credentials, full credit card numbers, or ACH/bank information–personal information people were worried had been compromised when the security breach was first made public on October 6.

Confirmed leaked information include documents from Twitch’s source code repository, as well as a subset of creator payout data. The number of people impacted is minimal, Twitch claims, and individuals affected directly have been reached out to.

The security breach stemmed from a server configuration change that allowed unauthorized access from third parties–an issue Twitch says they have now fixed. The leaked Twitch information was made publicly available in a 125GB torrent link post to 4chan. In addition to the creator payout data, information about an unannounced competitor project to Steam, nicknamed “Vapor,” was also included.

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