Ubisoft Sets New Executive Bonus Goals, Now Prioritizing Carbon Emissions

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Ubisoft has outlined a new list of bonuses for CEO Yves Guillemot, and the changes include swapping out a gender diversity initiative for one centered around carbon emissions. As reported by Axios, Ubisoft’s new set of bonuses does not include that same gender diversity goal as last year’s set does, although that three-year goal is still in effect for Guillemot.

The long-term goal for Ubisoft was to increase the percentage of women within the company from 22% at the end of March 2020 to 24% by the end of March 2023. The goal remains as a three-year potential bonus for Guillemot but was not included in this year’s set of multi-year bonuses, instead replaced by a carbon intensity goal. Ubisoft reported women make up 23.5% of its workforce as of the end of March this year, potentially putting it on track to complete its stated goal.

The new three-year carbon density goal has three main goals, in addition to smaller criteria. First, the company needs to reach 100% renewable energy; it stands at 73.5% as of 2020. Ubisoft also aims to reduce the number of business trips the company takes by 20% in addition to increasing the percentage of its games sold digitally up to 68%. For reference, 48% of Ubisoft’s game sales were digital in 2019.

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