Valheim Moder Boss Fight Guide – How To Defeat The Frost Dragon Solo

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The fourth boss you’ll take on in Valheim is Moder, the frost dragon queen of the Mountain biome. Moder is a huge enemy that fights on the ground and can take to the skies, but the terrain on which you face the boss can give you an advantage. It’s possible to defeat Moder all by yourself if you bring the right gear and carefully manage the fight. Here’s everything you need to know to beat Moder.

To take on Moder, you’ll first need to clear the way to the Mountain biome by taking down Eikthyr in the Meadow, The Elder in the Black Forest, and Bonemass in the Swamp. You’ll also need the ability to withstand the cold, so it’s highly recommended that you mine and craft some Wolf armor ahead of this battle–at least the Wolf Cuirass or the Wolf Cape, which will give you automatic Frost resistance. We’ve outlined exactly what gear you should have below, which will give you the best chance of defeating Moder even if you can’t bring a squad of other Vikings to help you.

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