WandaVision's Geraldine Sets Show's Place In The MCU Timeline

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WandaVision episode 2, titled “Don’t Touch That Dial,” introduced us to two especially compelling new side characters in Dottie and Geraldine. Dottie is still mostly a mystery, but Geraldine clues us into where WandaVision sits in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Geraldine, played by actress Teyonah Parris, befriends Wanda in the episode as the two attend a planning meeting for the town’s talent show, in which Wanda and Vision put on a tense magic show for the town. It’s obvious pretty quickly that Geraldine is more than a one-and-done character, with the show giving her plenty of lines and things to do in the half-hour episode. But if you follow Marvel casting news, you know where this is going. Potential Spoilers follow for WandaVision.

Geraldine isn’t just Geraldine; she’s also Monica Rambeau, daughter of Captain Marvel‘s Maria Rambeau and, in the comics, one of the incarnations of Captain Marvel. Monica was around 10 or 11 in Captain Marvel, which took place in 1995. With Monica looking to be in her mid-30s, that firmly places WandaVision in the here-and-now post-Endgame world. That’s an easy assumption to make, but the MCU has time travel and a quantum realm. In the comics, Wanda Maximoff–the Scarlet Witch–can bend reality in Marvel Universe-altering ways that put her power on a cosmic level.

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