Watch Stephen Colbert Get Emotional About Amazon's Lord Of The Rings Show

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Late night TV host Stephen Colbert put his Lord of the Rings fandom on display during a recent portion of his interview with actor Andy Samberg. In the video, Colbert said he heard that Samberg is also a big fan of Middle-earth and invited him to have a dialogue about the fantasy series. Samberg shared that he’s been a fan of the franchise since he was a child, as his father read him The Hobbit when he was 5.

To this day, he rewatches the movies every year with his wife, the singer-songwriter-performer-actress Joanna Newsom. Sandberg then asked Colbert for his thoughts on Amazon’s big-budget Lord of the Rings series, and Colbert had a lot to say.

Colbert said he’s very curious about the potential for the Lord of the Rings Amazon show because its setting in the Second Age opens up a number of interesting story possibilities. In fact, Colbert met with an Amazon chief at a party and offered up some thoughts on the show and how it could touch on things like the Numenoreans and Aragorn’s ancestors.

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